Monsters come in many forms

Few people are cursed enough to see demons and fortunate enough to survive their encounter.  Stark poverty and dark evil surround a young boy named Matt who has the rare ability to see angel’s wings sparkle in the sunlight and feel their presence even near the darkest of deeds.  In the constant battle between good and evil, Matt is poised to be the champion for either side, but will suffering strengthen his soul or make him embrace wickedness?

Evil is subtle and powerful and sly, and Matt spirals into darkness as he contemplates that if God won’t change his life, well, then perhaps he will…if he can become evil enough to do so.

With deliberate intention he walks the edge of darkness, for a time becoming a cold and timid soul that loses its compassion and sensitivity in this supernatural dark thriller that begins with the tragic 1921 Tulsa race riot and progresses to a climactic battle in the 1960s.

Just when it appears his soul is lost, a young girl arrives to collect on a forgotten promise.  Evil has great strength, but sometimes a gentle touch contains more power than a mighty blow.  Extraordinary things happen when a girl breathes life into his heart and hope into his soul and calms his spirit, but that just might be part of the devil’s plan.

Matt learns love is powerless to prevent destiny from being bent and dreams from being broken.  When you are left with bitterness in your heart, resentfulness poisons your blood, your thoughts turn corrosive, you taste anger on the tip of your tongue and inhale the scent of death into your lungs — it may be time to kill someone.


Absolutely Stunning!

This is a rare story that encompasses numerous genres.  It is an intense emotional tale of pain, abuse and survival of a young child who uses his imagination to escape a terrible reality.  Intertwined within that story are beautiful elements of romance and riveting adventure and all of this is spiced with a supernatural flavor and told in a lyrical prose that will have you in tears one moment and laughing the next.  This book will stimulate emotions you didn’t know you had and touch your heart and give you hope for the future.  You will be haunted by demons and startled by angels and believe in magic and be uplifted by the power of love.  It is an amazing tale that remains with you in the most gratifying way.


An Amazing Read of Simmering Emotions and Gripping Adventure

This is a mesmerizing and poetic tale of horror, dark suspense, quiet humor and lingering hope.  PW Houston has written a compelling book filled with nail-biting adventure and complex characters told with such sensual prose that you can’t help but be moved.  Do yourself a favor and read this book.  You will never forget it.

Kevin Erickson

A Riveting Story of Survival Horror

PW Houston uses words magnificently to paint the very dark, horrific world of young Matt Steadman, whom the reader first meets at the age of six living in Tulsa, Oklahoma circa 1964.  This dark supernatural thriller, written in the style of an autobiography, will leave you terrorized, breathless, tearful, laughing, chilled to the bone…and thinking.  That, I promise you.

A long and difficult, dark read, to be sure, but every word is necessary to tell this story of evil, redemption, self-discovery and survival.  The story is filled with riveting secondary characters and their stories are clearly as important—missing any one of them, and this tale wouldn’t be the same—and, page by page, you will find yourself rooting for or cursing them, as deserved.

From absolutely gut wrenching horror to laughter to unexpected bliss to unspeakable sadness to shocking anger and evil, your emotions will play out in this evocative read.  This story, I predict, will never leave you.  Ever.  My hope is that you will read it, absorb it, and share the path of the young hero—as if you might have walked that same path in another place and time.  After devouring every word, I predict you will never look quite the same at the world around you.  As you will learn from the very first page, monsters and demons and angels come in many forms, and you will cheer Matthew for returning to his nightmare and sharing his story with us all.

Janet Wellington, Author

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