Readers Continue to be Surprised and Enthralled by UNSPEAKABLE

More and more readers are being taken in by UNSPEAKABLE! One reviewer on Amazon had this to say:

“PW Houston has brought us an excellent first novel in “Unspeakable.” In “Unspeakable,” Houston has delivered a read with excellent pacing that makes the reader become absorbed into a story that is surprisingly intense, and quite unflinching.

Moreover, the author’s prose really adds to the progression of the story, something that seems far less common than it should in novels today. Houston is also quite impressive at creating such vivid imagery, helping to suck you further in. It is the sort of read that really hits all of your emotions head on, making it so that you ultimately become so emotionally invested and enamored with the narrative, that you find yourself becoming upset when you reach the concluding pages. This is a book I will definitely read more than once, and will be recommending to others. A thoroughly impressive debut!”

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