Why Independent Authors Need Each Other

It’s been said before by many a lone wolf in the writing industry: I can do this on my own. Because isn’t a writer, by his or her very nature, a bit of a recluse? Many are a little eccentric (okay, bizarre), keep odd hours, have unconventional lifestyles, or basically just don’t like sharing certain tricks of the trade.

Yet, in spite of all of this, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of groups on Facebook, Google+ hangouts, Pinterest pinning groups, and the omipresent force that is Goodreads – the thing you love to hate, and hate to love. Why? Is it that authors are just looking for places to dump ads for their books and run? Some are. But more than a few come to engage in a real and honest community of writers, sharing ideas about everything from the writing process itself to which publishers to use (and avoid) to how to properly market your book when it’s time. Authors will lend their support by interviewing each other on their blogs, and buying each other’s books. And this is the true spirit through which the indie community can really thrive; why independent authors need each other. Because while it’s one thing to think everyone is in it for themselves, it’s another to actually get out there and extend a hand and a kind word to someone who understands where you’ve been, where you are, and where you dream of going.

For the authors out there reading, are you a team player or a lone wolf? Do you think it makes a difference in terms of your own success – or even just the sheer enjoyment of your craft?

What would you recommend to someone just starting out?

  • http://sabbx.wordpress.com/rss.xml j malcolm stewart

    More than ever, authors need to interact with each other, on-line, in person, etc. The ability to get your work out there has never been more wide open. But getting people to find your work is harder than ever. In addition, very few good ideas survive in a vacuum. I do an interview blog for indie authors and nothing has been more rewarding than talking to the brilliant, talented people who are passionate about fiction. It’s fun! And we are in a field that doesn’t depend on dog-eat-dog competition to be successful. We can always help and learn from each other if we are willing.

  • Kevin A. Ranson

    Learn everything you can! As a so-called “hybrid” author, I both self-publish some works and have a publisher for other books. Writing a book isn’t the end; whether you have representation yet or not, you have to make yourself accessible in order to get your name out there. Think of it as a different hat or playing a character if you must, but just as you must switch from writer to editor to proofreader, you need to also be a marketer, interviewee, and possibly a panelist to let people see and hear what you have to offer. Your work is the product, but YOU are the brand behind it.

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